Rigid Mining Vehicle ROPS & FOPS

REA can repair, modify and certify any OEM ROPS and FOPS structures or cabs to suit different applications.
Specialists for underground and mobile plant equipment.

REA is a market leader in the supply and fitment of ROPS and ROPS/FOPS to trucks working off highway and especially in the mining industry. ROPS Engineering Australia has designed, tested and certified ROPS to suit all makes and models of trucks from small field-service vehicles to large prime movers.

We have built an unrivaled reputation with our customers for quality and service with the fastest delivery time in the industry.

REA has an average delivery time of two to three days, with several models being delivered to customers within the same day — something we are extremely proud to claim. This is due to our ability to complete the entire job in-house and not rely on outside contractors.

All REA ROPS and ROPS/FOPS structures are designed, destructively tested, manufactured, fitted and certified in accordance with ISO 3471:2008 and ISO 3449:2005. A certification plate displaying the relevant information is attached to each structure in accordance with the standard.

We also support the mining industry where underground vehicles have lower height tolerances. There are a large variety of applications for ROPS and FOPS on mine sites, especially with mobile plant equipment, and we can design and test whatever is required.

Rigid Mining Vehicle ROPS FOPS2

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