How do I know if I need a ROPS or FOPS?

Due to the sometimes differing requirements from site to site (even those operated by the same company), we will always advise our clients to gain the answer from their respective site contact to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Can I fit my own ROPS or FOPS

The short answer is yes, HOWEVER, ROPS Engineering Australia has approved distributors and fitting agents servicing S.A, N.T. and QLD along with our head office in W.A. In the case of the vehicle not being able to get to one of our agents, we can offer a process to assist you in the fitting of our products.

Although ROPS Engineering Australia cannot be held responsible for any incorrect measurements or details supplied by the client, the fitting of ROPS/FOPS is a job that requires specialized tooling and proficient mechanical knowledge. Qualifications for welding are required where necessary, and ROPS Engineering Australia withholds the right to not certify any product a client has fitted if the completed job is not to our satisfaction.

What is the difference between a ROPS and FOPS?

Under the ISO standard 3449 – 2008 for FOPS to which ROPS Engineering Australia complies section 6.2 states “Integral FOPS/ROPS – Where the structure provides for ROPS and FOPS, the FOPS shall also meet the performance requirements for the appropriate ROPS as given in ISO 3471 – 2008 for ROPS.”

In laymen’s terms – under the ISO standards a ROPS can only be certified as a ROPS where a FOPS can be certified as both as long as it has been destructively tested in line with the ROPS standard.

How much room will it take on my chassis?

Allowances of 350mm are considered normal. ROPS  Engineering Australia will always position your ROPS/FOPS as close to the cab as possible, depending on what is mounted there. For example: If an air intake or exhaust component is mounted to the cab and cannot be moved, allow 350mm from these parts, if nothing is attached to the cab allow 350mm from the rear of the cab.If in any doubt at all, please call us to discuss the best option.

What does each ROPS/FOPS product weigh approximatelywhen fitted?
  • Superlite ROPS = 150kg
  • Rigid ROPS = 250kg
  • Hinged FOPS = 450kg
  • Associated chassis mounting parts = 120kg

PLEASE NOTE: These weights are indicative averages and should only be used as a guide. Weight variations will occur due to equipment mounted on the ROPS/FOPS if requested.

Can I swap my ROPS/FOPS from one vehicle to another?

Each ROPS/FOPS is certified to the vehicle it is attached to by the inclusion of the vehicle VIN on the compliance plate.

For ROPS Engineering Australia to allow and endorse a “ROPS/FOPS Swap” between vehicles several requirements must be met:

  • The vehicle receiving the ROPS/FOPS must have a tare weight of equal to or less than the vehicle fitted with ROPS/FOPS
  • The removed ROPS/FOPS and chassis mounts must be entirely sandblasted and Non Destructive Tested, a copy of the test results must be supplied to ROPS Engineering Australia.
  • The entire assembly must be repainted to ROPS Engineering Australia’s specifications before mounting to the vehicle receiving the ROPS/FOPS.
  • Comprehensive correspondence including progress photos must be supplied to ROPS Engineering Australia for addition to our records for that particular vehicle.
  • When satisfied all is in order ROPS Engineering Australia will forward new compliance plates reflecting the details of the vehicle receiving the ROPS/FOPS.
  • Before attempting to swap a product from one vehicle to another please call ROPS Engineering Australia as a priority.
Can I attach anything to the ROPS/FOPS

No, due to the risks of structural deformation in the product, all certification will be void if any welding is performed or holes drilled in the product. Brackets attached via clamping systems to the product are allowable, however ROPS Engineering Australia is happy to discuss individual requirements regarding mounts and brackets to avoid later retrofitting and possible compliance issues.

PLEASE NOTE: For any queries regarding ROPS/FOPS not listed above, please call ROPS Engineering Australia for a chat and some friendly, helpful advice.

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