Case Studies

Action Mining Services


ROPS  was approached by Action Mining Services (AMS) to offer advice and possible solutions with regards to the mounting of a single spare wheel to the rear enclosed section of a newly designed service body. During initial discussions with AMS several issues were identified which were required to be overcome to achieve the final goal of a “fit for purpose” solution.

Issues identified included:
  • Not enough room to mount a spare tyre in the traditional manner within the existing design of the vehicle body.
  • Height from ground level of the spare wheel when mounted in proposed position.
  • Operator safety when removing/replacing spare wheel.
  • Possible redesign and modification of ROPS existing electric/hydraulic dual spare wheel carrier to suit AMS requirements.
  • Held meetings between ROPS  and AMS to discuss all identified issues and possible solutions.
  • Reached decision on redesign of existing ROPS product to address all identified issues.
  • Fully dimensioned drafting of redesigned product produced for AMS by ROPS  for revisions and final approval.
  • AMS approved design was manufactured and fitted to vehicle body as required.
  • All AMS concerns and issues were addressed and resolved to AMS approval and satisfaction.
  • “Fit for purpose" product supplied, fitted and commissioned by ROPS  in conjunction with AMS.
  • AMS was happy with the final product and results, the handling of the scope of work by ROPS and custom solution offered.
case studies
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