After Sales Service & Maintenance

"REA provide an annual inspection service to recertify ROPS/FOPS and to proactively identify maintenance requirements"

REA has a team of dedicated inspectors experienced in all aspects of ROPS and ROPS/FOPS standards, national and internationally. The Inspection and Re-Certification Team acts as an independent, unbiased body to aid organisations and companies to meet the legal requirements of ROPS and ROPS/FOPS structures. All maintenance and repairs completed by REA are carried out in accordance with the relevant standards and are certified upon completion.

The team has completed independent inspection and reports for WorkSafe and the Victorian Coroner’s Office. REA can inspect a fleet of machinery and issue new compliance certificates if those machines meet and conform to the current standard requirements.

REA can also repair, modify and certify any OEM ROPS and FOPS structures or cabs to suit different applications; including lowering the cab height in order to gain greater clearance; widening cabs to accommodate extra seating and fully rebuilding old cabs, all with certification back to the OEM-relevant standard.

after sales service maintenance

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