Custom Engineering

ROPS Engineering Australia design, manufacture, test and install custom solutions for mining and rigid vehicles.

From the initial CAD 3D design process, your product is passed on to consulting engineers if applicable for a thorough analysis of all materials and components, ensuring compliance with the relevant Australian Standards.

Construction is handled by a team of qualified tradesmen, with welding performed by coded welders ensuring both excellent strength and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Painting is performed by our in house painters with many colour options available.

ROPS Engineering Australia ensures that when fitting our product to your vehicle, zinc plated bolts, nyloc nuts and washers, with a tensile strength of 8.8 or above are used for both their high tensile strength and eye pleasing qualities.

ROPS Engineering Australia is proud to offer a comprehensive 12 month warranty with all products supplied and fitted at any of their facilities.

We Design & Innovate

As one of the market leaders in Rollover and Falling Object Protection, REA is constantly looking for innovative ways to provide better “built for purpose” products.

Products designed and tested from this unrelenting desire to “make it better” include:

Patented Electric/Hydraulic Pump
This innovative product was designed with the safety of the operator in mind, and allows one person to safely use the operating system with push button convenience terminating any operating at heights issues. This product also includes an integrated hand pump for emergency operation of the system during vehicle electrical failure, and the ability to “unlock and relock” the ROPS/FOPS canopy in either the raised or lowered position. This in turn provides the operator the safety benefit of a “mechanical lock” to hold the canopy in the raised position when required without relying on hydraulic pressure only.

Superlite ROPS
Due to the constant concern related to ROPS and the front axle loading of smaller vehicles ROPS designed and destructively tested our “SUPER LITE ROPS”. Weighing in at under 150kgs fully installed, the “SUPERLITE” was designed to suit trucks with a tare weight up to 3.1 Tons. Advantages of this innovative product include reduced front axle loading, less fuel consumption and minimal vehicle payload reductions.

custom engineering

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