3 Einstein Link, Forrestdale 6112 WA
PH: (08) 9494 1020
3 Einstein Link,
Forrestdale 6112 WA
PH: (08) 9494 1020

"ROPS operate a very professional business and the quality of their product is of high standard."

- Eddie Banner, General Manager - Drill Rigs Australia Pty Ltd


At ROPS Engineering Australia safety is our central focus, with safety being the top priority for both us and our clients.

The constant in-house and external training of our team ensures the highest possible safety standards. Safety training for during day to day operations, refresher senior first aid courses for all staff, and completion of licenses and certificates required to safely fit your vehicle are just some of the extensive training our staff undertakes.

ROPS Engineering Australia is constantly looking for safer ways to achieve results and our determination to be the safest has had a flow on effect to the designs and products we offer to our clients.

Design innovations include the ability to operate all facets of the ‘Hinged’ R.O.P.S and F.O.P.S from a position at ground level, which eliminates the working at heights risk for your employee. Our electric/hydraulic spare tyre carrier enables a single operator to securely lower and raise truck spares, eliminating any working at heights or cable and winch issues.

Other client focused safety innovations include height stickers on the R.O.P.S for easy reference, a full compliment of warning and instructional stickers if required, a comprehensive operation manual and a practical demonstration that familiarises the client with all facets of the operation process.

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ROPS Engineering Australia Pty Ltd specialise in the exclusive fitment of custom designed ROPS/FOPS, destructively tested to exceed standards AS 2294.2/3-1997 and ISO 3471/3449-2008.