3 Einstein Link, Forrestdale 6112 WA
PH: (08) 9494 1020
3 Einstein Link,
Forrestdale 6112 WA
PH: (08) 9494 1020

"ROPS have been providing engineering equipment for us for many years and have provided us with a great finished product whether it be a ROPS frame or a modification to suit a client’s individual need."

- Andrew Watts, Customer Manager - Truck Centre WA Pty Ltd


The team at ROPS Engineering Australia takes pride in their design for each and every product, through the use of detailed measurements and clearances, and modeling in AutoCAD 3D, thus eliminating potential problems or hazards before construction even begins.

With options for your vehicle that include the hinged design for R.O.P.S/F.O.P.S (designed to combat excessive height, wind resistance and excessive fuel use issues) through to a list of ancillary items for inclusion to your vehicle with your R.O.P.S/F.O.P.S., the choices are yours to make.

This list of available options includes:

  • Ensuring full mine specification of your vehicle.
  • Fire extinguisher and brackets.
  • Hi mounts and additional work lights.
  • Brackets attached for exhaust/air cleaner relocations.
  • Brackets for, and mounting of flags.
  • Electric Actuators to facilitate the lifting of our flip top R.O.P.S/F.O.P.S.
  • Electric Actuators used to insert and remove the locking pin.

The team at ROPS Engineering Australia is more than happy to sit down with a client to discuss any custom requirements for their vehicle during the design stage to ensure a successful and satisfactory result.

Please ensure to check out our full range of products available on our products page.

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ROPS Engineering Australia Pty Ltd specialise in the exclusive fitment of custom designed ROPS/FOPS, destructively tested to exceed standards AS 2294.2/3-1997 and ISO 3471/3449-2008.