3 Einstein Link, Forrestdale 6112 WA
PH: (08) 9494 1020
3 Einstein Link,
Forrestdale 6112 WA
PH: (08) 9494 1020

"ROPS operate a very professional business and the quality of their product is of high standard."

- Eddie Banner, General Manager - Drill Rigs Australia Pty Ltd


From the very beginning, starting with CAD 3D drawings, through to the quality of workmanship and the micron thickness of the primer and paint, ROPS Engineering Australia insists on the highest standards.

From zinc plated bolts and washers, 8.8 and above tensile strength, to the coded welding practices and quality assurance compliant with ISO 9001, ROPS  is committed to ensuring every product produced is built to the highest possible standard.

All of ROPS Engineering Australia’s R.O.P.S and F.O.P.S structures are destructively tested and certified by external engineers to meet AS2294.2 1997 and ISO 3471:2008, and AS2294.3 1997 and ISO 3449:2008 respectively.

Options such as light tags or fire extinguisher brackets are available, for fitting by our staff.

You can be assured that your R.O.P.S/F.O.P.S. is engineer certified to the applicable standards, as well as any options selected for fitment thus avoiding the need for costly downtime for retro-fitting and re-compliance.

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ROPS Engineering Australia Pty Ltd specialise in the exclusive fitment of custom designed ROPS/FOPS, destructively tested to exceed standards AS 2294.2/3-1997 and ISO 3471/3449-2008.