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3 Einstein Link,
Forrestdale 6112 WA
PH: (08) 9494 1020

"ROPS have been providing engineering equipment for us for many years and have provided us with a great finished product whether it be a ROPS frame or a modification to suit a client’s individual need."

- Andrew Watts, Customer Manager - Truck Centre WA Pty Ltd

Case Studies

Action Mining Services


ROPS  was approached by Action Mining Services (AMS) to offer advice and possible solutions with regards to the mounting of a single spare wheel to the rear enclosed section of a newly designed service body. During initial discussions with AMS several issues were identified which were required to be overcome to achieve the final goal of a “fit for purpose” solution.

Issues identified included:
  • Not enough room to mount a spare tyre in the traditional manner within the existing design of the vehicle body.
  • Height from ground level of the spare wheel when mounted in proposed position.
  • Operator safety when removing/replacing spare wheel.
  • Possible redesign and modification of ROPS existing electric/hydraulic dual spare wheel carrier to suit AMS requirements.
  • Held meetings between ROPS  and AMS to discuss all identified issues and possible solutions.
  • Reached decision on redesign of existing ROPS product to address all identified issues.
  • Fully dimensioned drafting of redesigned product produced for AMS by ROPS  for revisions and final approval.
  • AMS approved design was manufactured and fitted to vehicle body as required.
  • All AMS concerns and issues were addressed and resolved to AMS approval and satisfaction.
  • “Fit for purpose����� product supplied, fitted and commissioned by ROPS  in conjunction with AMS.
  • AMS was happy with the final product and results, the handling of the scope of work by ROPS and custom solution offered.



Electric Hydraulic Walkways


Client requested electric/hydraulic folding walkways pre-purchased to be fitted by ROPS. The client required modifications due to the current walkways being “quite bulky” and “impossible to remove from the vehicle without the use of lifting machinery”.

Due to the remote areas in which the client operated and the lack of suitable machinery on site to assist in removing the walkways, the client approached ROPS  to consider designing a more practical arrangement to suit his fleet of vehicles.


After taking consideration of the original purchased design, ROPS  decided to design our own version of the electric/hydraulic folding walkway system to address the issues raised by the client.

Upon completion, ROPS  design of this product addressed all of the client’s original concerns and also incorporated several other benefits to the product.

These included:
  • Ability for a single operator to remove all handrails and tread sections from the walkways without assistance.
  • Ability to load a 20 foot container to the tray top once the handrails and tread sections had been removed.
  • Ability to operate both the drivers and passengers sides independently or in conjunction from a safe distance.
  • Removal of any requirement to disconnect any hydraulic fittings or lines used to operate the walkways when preparing the vehicle for container loading.
  • Entire product designed to fold away to within legal width gauge for road licencing and on road travel purposes without the requirements for permits each time.
  • Client very satisfied with ROPS  design and all improvements over the original design.
  • Greatly increased operator safety when removing walkways.
  • Increased productivity for the client due to less vehicle downtime related to walkway removal.
  • Greatly increased client vehicle practicality and overall useability.

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Case studies

Action Mining Services

ROPS Engineering Australia Pty Ltd specialise in the exclusive fitment of custom designed ROPS/FOPS, destructively tested to exceed standards AS 2294.2/3-1997 and ISO 3471/3449-2008.